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Ambient-loop is a web store for Motion Graphic art for Music Videos and Entertainment Industry.

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You can get the digital assets as animation or the original work file in Blender format. In long term we want to support different kind of File formats but at the moment blender is the tool of choice.

Animation format

We support the animation as mpg4 format with a high quality compression

Custom Request?

You can't finde the right animation for your Project? Contact us for custom developt Motion Graphics.

Blender3D Format

The original work file is Blender3D. The scene is ready to use and for custom changes.

Where do I get Blender3D

Blender3D is an open-source 3D application for free. You can download the tool with this link.

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Benc Orpak

Founder, CEO

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If you can’t find the right Design, you can contact us for a custom Design.

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Best Quality

All animations are available as Full HD and 3D Blender files.

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